In the beginning…

Alan O’Donohoe writes: I’m often asked how Raspberry Jam started, how the jam spread so quickly, and why I was motivated to start this movement. So here’s a little history of the birth of the Raspberry jam movement. On the 11th February 2012, I organised our very first Hack To The Future event [ film | blogpost ] at my school, Our Lady’s Catholic High School in Preston.


Raspberry Jamboree 2014

Alan O’Donohoe writes: I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, our Raspberry Jam community for supporting our OCR Raspberry Jamboree, the second annual convention to share the educational potential of the Raspberry Pi community. I’d also like to thank our sponsors OCR, Pimoroni, CPC, Cyntech, ModMyPi, Exa Education, MathWorks, BCS Manchester, MagPi Magazine, Raspberry Pi Geek and Ciseco. In particular I also wish to thank Lisa Mather for organising an excellent party and Dawn Hewitson particularly for support with the hack day.


Preston Raspberry Jam, 01.07.13

Silicon Bus Stop: A change of venue On Monday 1st July we held our Preston Raspberry Jam at the CPC offices in Fulwood, Preston. We normally hold our Jam events at the University, but I wanted to explore the use of different venue. I had been to visit the offices a few times before and wondered if it would make a suitable location for holding events.


Webcast – Raspberry Jamboree LIVE

Alan O’Donohoe writes: You may already know that only 6 months ago, I set up this  Raspberry Jam network called to help teachers, parents, childen and learners of all ages to understand the educational potential of the Raspberry Pi computer. In a short space of a few months, this has spread to 40 groups around the UK and many more around the World


Raspberry Jamboree 09.03.13

For educators to discover the potential of the Raspberry Pi computer One year on from the release of the Raspberry Pi, we aim to identify and share the impact that this low-cost computer is having on education. Click here or on the banner to discover more.


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