Dad builds Raspberry Pi media centre for his autistic son – Dad builds Raspberry Pi media centre for his autistic son While media PCs based around the Raspberry Pi are old hat at this point, we recently came across one with a very special purpose. Maker Alain Mauer wanted to create a TV for his son Scott who would normally have trouble telling his parents what, ..


The 3 best starter projects for your Raspberry Pi 3 – Stuff

The 3 best starter projects for your Raspberry Pi 3 Stuff All three – the US$35 office PC, media centre and retro games arcade – make use of the Pi 3's boosted power and wireless capabilities. You'll also get a good grounding in terminal commands and the Noobs OS.


Slice Media Player Starts Shipping!

Back in August 2014 we got very excited about one of the first Kickstarter projects to use the Raspberry Pi Compute Module . We’re pleased to announce that after much hard work, many late nights and far too much sugar and caffeine, the FiveNinjas team have started shipping actual real Slices to backers. Here’s a picture of Gordon and Jon working their ninja magic in a cold warehouse somewhere in deepest darkest Sheffield; the racking that can be seen in the picture contains parts for 1500 Kickstarter Slices


Slice – a media player using the Raspberry Pi Compute Module

We revealed the Raspberry Pi Compute Module back in April, and released the Compute Module Development Kit in the middle of June. Since then we’ve had a lot of interest and will shortly start shipping the Compute Module in volume to a variety of manufacturers who have already designed it into their products.


XBMC performance demo

One of the areas we’re putting a lot of work into is XBMC performance – we’ve been a bit shocked on working through some data * to find that the Pi now appears to have more XBMC users than any other platform in the world, bar the PC (we’ve overtaken cracked Apple TV 2s), and we want to make sure you have the best possible experience with the software. (If you’ve started reading this and don’t understand a word of that first paragraph, head over to XBMC’s website to find out what XBMC is, what a media centre is and why you might want one, and then come back here.) Dom Cobley and Ben Avison have been working on the platform for us, and the results so far are pretty impressive: video playback has always been good, but they’ve really tidied up the user experience in the menu in particular, and browsing through your media collection, even if it’s as big as Dom’s, is now much smoother and faster. We’ve seen people online (particularly over on the XBMC forums – and  particularly particularly in response to posts asking for recommendations for cheap XBMC platforms) calling Pi users fanbois, and announcing that the Pi is too laggy to be a real media player


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