Our 1000th blog post!

We recently noticed that we were soon to be approaching our 1000th post since our blog began in July 2011 , and thought we ought to curate some stats and share some of our proudest moments from this incredible journey with you! Eben set up the blog to let people know about developments of the Raspberry Pi and its use in education. This is what the website looked like back then: We’ve come a long way since that first post: the blog has seen two ( 2013 , 2014 ) major redesigns (as well as that joke one ), and it’s brought you eight product launches ( Model B , Model B rev2 , Model A , Camera module , Pi NoIR camera , Compute module , Model B+ , Model A+ and Pi 2 Model B ); we’ve announced Picademy , free learning resources , our million pound education fund , we announced we’re sending Pis to the International Space Station , we’ve run several competitions and many more education initiatives as well as featuring countless amazing Raspberry Pi projects.

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Our 1000th blog post!


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