Industrial dev board builds on Raspberry Pi CM3 –

Industrial dev board builds on Raspberry Pi CM3 Kontron announced its first Raspberry Pi based product. The Passepartout — which is French for “goes everywhere” and the name of Phileas Fogg's valet in Jules Verne's “Around the World in Eighty Days” — builds upon the Linux-driven Raspberry Pi  …


HackSpace magazine 4: the wearables issue

Big things are afoot in the world of HackSpace magazine ! This month we’re running our first special issue, with wearables projects throughout the magazine. Moreover, we’re giving away our first subscription gift free to all 12-month print subscribers . Lastly, and most importantly, we’ve made the cover EXTRA SHINY! Prepare your eyeballs — it’s HackSpace magazine issue 4! Wearables In this issue, we’re taking an in-depth look at wearable tech.


Thomas and Ed become a RealLifeDoodle on the ISS

Thanks to the very talented  sooperdavid , creator of some of the wonderful animations known as RealLifeDoodles, Thomas Pesquet and Astro Pi Ed have been turned into one of the cutest videos on the internet. space pi – Create, Discover and Share Awesome GIFs on Gfycat Watch space pi GIF by sooperdave on Gfycat.


European Astro Pi: Mission complete

In October last year, with the European Space Agency and CNES , we launched the first ever European Astro Pi challenge. We asked students from all across Europe to write code for the flight of French ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet to the International Space Station (ISS) as part of the  Proxima  mission.


Estefannie’s Automated French Press

Why press a french press when the french press can press itself? Here’s Estefannie to explain it all… Internet Button Controlled Automated French Press Hey World! What’s better than making coffee? Not making coffee.


Announcing the first ever European Astro Pi Challenge!

Right now, 400km above the Earth aboard the International Space Station, are two very special pieces of hardware. Two Raspberry Pi computers are currently orbiting our planet, each equipped with a Sense HAT , a camera and a special aluminium flight case – and children all over Europe have the chance to program them.


3D Slash Now Offers User-Friendly 3D Modeling App for Raspberry Pi – 3D Slash Now Offers User-Friendly 3D Modeling App for Raspberry Pi slash French company 3D Slash describes its modeling software as 'a 3D piece of cake.' Though I was slightly disappointed to learn that they have not, in fact, 3D printed any cake at this time, their software apps make 3D modeling as easy as pie …


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